About Bella Sirena Images

Bella Sirena Images is a compilation of over thirty years of photography by Virginia Bria. Virginia's first interest in photography began as an undergraduate student at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School where she was an artist and educator. She was trained as a zone system photographer and soon branched out to landscape work and portraiture. Her experiences as an art student initiated her lifelong love of the camera. Upon completion of her B.A. degree she attended Pratt Institute, N.Y. as a graduate student, where she experimented with more abstract artistic photography and freelanced as a photojournalist and public relations photographer.
After moving to northern California in 1977, she was inspired by the majestic Sonoma County coastline and kelp beds to learn to dive and take her camera underwater. Her passion for the marine environment has taken her to many dive destinations throughout the world. She has compiled a large library of film and digital images both on land and below the surface of the world's oceans.
Virginia shoots both wide-angle and macro images. She has won numerous underwater photography competitions and continues to expand her repertoire of work. As a dive instructor, dive master and recreational diver for over 30 years she has logged over 4000 dives around the world. Currently she shoots with Nikon cameras, D7100 and D300s D800  in a Nexus housing with dual Sea And Sea YS-D2s. She uses a variety of both Canon and Nikon digital cameras for her land images.
Her work is used primarily for ocean and environmental conservation and as a resource to teach others about the fragility of our planet.

"Both the grand and the intimate aspects of nature can be revealed in the expressive photograph. Both can stir enduring affirmations and discoveries, and can surely help the spectator in his search for identification with the vast world of natural beauty and the wonder surrounding him."
-- Ansel Adams

Our Oceans Need Help:
As a diver for over thirty years, Virginia has seen the results of our oceans being misused and the once massive quantities of fish and pristine coral reefs dwindle. Coral reefs are under attack by pollution, cyanide fishing and reef bombing to name a few threats to our fragile underwater world.
Virginia believes that through her photography and sharing the natural beauty of our earth that others often cannot experience firsthand, they may understand the need to take action and change their views toward the environment. It is important that we all be actively involved in change and not stand by and let the damage continue. This is the right thing to do to help save our planet.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love: we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught."
-- Baba Dioum

Bella Sirena Images will donate the profit from sale of all images to ocean and environmental conservation organizations that work toward conservation, preservation and wise management of our natural resources.

Following is a listing of just a few of the many organizations that are working to make a difference in this world.

A - C

Afri Oceans Conservation Alliance
Alaska Oceans Program
Algalita Marine Research Foundation
American Cetacean Society
Bay Institute
Beach Watchers
Blue Frontier Campaign
Blue Ocean Institute
Blue Peace Maldives
Bluewater Network
California Coastal Coalition
California Coast Keeper Alliance
California Fish
CARE: California Artificial Reef Enhancement
Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation
Central Coast Salmon Enhancement
Cetacean Society International
Clean Beaches Council
Clean Water Action
Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform
Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation
Compass Online
COOL: Conserve Our Ocean Legacy
Coral Reef Alliance
Corals of California

D - J

Edward F. Ricketts Marine Reserve
Environmental Defense Oceans Program
European Community on Protection of Marine Life
Fish List
Friends of the River
Friends of the San Francisco Estuary
Georgia Strait Alliance
Global Response 
Heinz Center: Sustainable Oceans
Humane Society of the United States: Marine Mammals
International Society for Reef Studies
Island Resources Foundation
Jacksonville Reef Research Team

K - N

Kids for the Bay 
League of Conservation Voters 
Malama Kai: Stewardship of the Sea Mangrove Action Project
Manta Pacific Research Organization
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Marine Conservation Society & Shark Research Institute of the Seychelles
Marine Fish Conservation Network
Marine Mammal Center
National Audubon Society
National Coalition for Marine Conservation
National Environmental Trust: Marine
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
National Wildlife Federation
Natural Resources Defense Council Oceans Program
Nature Conservancy Marine Initiative

O - R

Ocean Alliance
Ocean Geographic Society
Ocean Life Institute at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Otter Project
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations
Pacific Environment 
Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Pacific Seabird Group
Pew Institute for Ocean Science
Pew Oceans Commission
PRBO Conservation Science
Protect Your Waters and Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers
Reef Check
Reef Protection International

S - Z

Sea Shepherd Society
Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
SeaWatch -- Dedicated to a Healthy Sea of Cortez
Shark Savers
TRAFFIC Network (Trade in Endangered Species)
Whaleman Foundation
Wild Salmon Center
Wilderness Conservancy: Air Support for Whales in Baja
World Wildlife Fund Endangered Seas Programme
Worldwatch Institute Oceans Program